Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this if I have never exercised before?


Of course! Your workouts will be customized to you. Jeannie, NASM Certified Person Trainer, uses the OPT Model with each client. Some clients will start first by building their stabilization and endurance before attempting anything to strenuous. Fitness is a journey and everyone starts somewhere. 

What if I can't make a workout, can I cancel or get a refund?


The answer is yes and no. Fitness is commitment. Once you have committed to a time slot that is your time slot and no one else. There is no rescheduling or refunds. Rescheduling is only allowed if too ill to train.

What are the three locations I can choose to train?


 If you choose the package with unlimited classes,  you will take classes at Jeannie Fitness in Carrollton and all personal training sessions or packages will be at Plano or Mckinney depending on the time slot you choose. All three locations are located off US Highway 121.